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Originally Posted by caltrane74 View Post
What I noticed before I ever cammed was that people were afraid of me, I don't know why, I'm not armed, I don't carry guns or knives or anything. I never even thought once about joining special forces, like koops, and opening up Taliban or Al-Quida insides for daylight to see and shit. But I dunno.. I'm a sweet nice guy...and, long story short, when I cam no bothers me.

Guy, don't worry, I'll be in Montreal in June and July and I'll be camming all the honies there....

[Now, I'm like that's a good question, I wonder why I don't get attacked... I think it's because people in Toronto, such as myself, have a natural inclination towards a very anal uptight personality, and it takes a lifetime to grow out of... I grew out of my anal personality when I got out of University, and now I do whatever I want, talk to whoever I want. I guess that's why I get whatever chicks I want. Cause I have no fear, I see something I just get it. Most people are not like that.. They are all tightwads, and they don't wanna come out of their shells for fear of getting yelled at, or maybe beat up or something... That's probably the reason why I don't get attacked, plus I probably do look a little scary]
Nice Cal! I'm starting to get over my shyness when photographing individuals. I finally realised that most people don't care or that they are actually flattered. Depending on the situation, many will even pose for you (not always the best but.. sometimes). I think that if you're friendly and non-threatening, you can do whatever you please.
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