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Originally Posted by hunser View Post
A new club... 400m+:

1,300 footers:

1. One World Trade Center, 1787ft (544,7m), Under Construction (steel topped out)

2. Grand Central Tower, 1700ft+ (518m+), Proposed (likely to exceed 2000ft)

3. 225 West 57th Street, 1550ft (472m), Site Preparation (likely to exceed 1600ft)

4. Empire State Building, 1454ft (443,2m), Completed

5. 432 Park Avenue, 1398ft (426,1m), Under Construction (height not final; probably 1420ft (432m))

6. Two World Trade Center, 1349ft (411,2m), Under Construction (currently on hold)

7. Hudson Yards North Tower, 1337ft (407,5m), Approved

8. The Girasole, 1313ft+ (400m+), Approved (likely to exceed 1400ft)

Exciting times!

Amazing to see the once tallest building in NYC, the Empire State Building will likely be dropped to fourth tallest in a decade or so. A 2,000 footer is now realistically on the horizon.
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