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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I am on board with you on this and have extensive family experience on this question.

One side of my family is from one of the most economically depressed parts of the Maritimes.

I have a lot of trouble reconciling that one the one hand

a) most of my cousins complain of not being able to find jobs "down home", and say that they'd love to stay if only there were jobs

and on the other

b) that employers in their region say they can't find people to fill a whole bunch of positions

So which one is it, a) or b)?

My sense is that while the job market kinda sucks and that there certainly aren't enough jobs for all the young people who grew up there, a lot of people who don't really want to stay will say that they would have liked to in order to preserve appearances and not appear disloyal to their hometown or region.
The way it seems with some professions (e.g. nurses) is the wage offered here doesn't reflect the wage across the rest of the country. So you can stay here, work your butt off (because of the nursing shortage), and get paid less, or move away, make more money, and work more regular hours. It's like this in a lot of the industries, stay here for a paycut or move away. You have to know what you value your time for, and decide then accordingly.

With the doctor shortage, it simply comes down to these young graduates not wanting to move outside the city. I don't blame them either. Living in a town of 500 people where you know no one and are isolated from everything is no way to live. It isn't a huge tax burden to operate privately owned doctors clinics in many of the rural areas of the province, so I'm not advocating for centralizing health. Our hospitals are already centralized so I wouldn't change anything about provincial health in that regard.

Ultimately it usually comes down to if you want to stay here, you're doing it on a "hometown discount".
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