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Originally Posted by SignalHillHiker View Post
The NDP is describing the budget as an accounting exercise devoid of vision or hope - perfect. They might be able to set themselves up for more than two seats next election.


So, the backlash is growing. Over the next couple of weeks, we have at least six major protests planned. There's a boycott of McDonald's (the Finance minister owns most of them in the capital city region), which will have unintended but positive consequences . Open Line is off the wall. The House is falling apart - politicians shouting and screaming, fist-slamming, heckling. The Liberal party is starting to fracture with (in a small province, credible) threats from the public to personally ensure no one who votes in favour of the budget is ever re-elected.

Dwight is even having to push back against calls for a free vote:

Very curious to see what comes of it. Nothing, budgets amendments, or new government. If enough Liberals vote against the budget, it'll outshine the NDP's spectacular collapse a few years ago. Exciting times.
Liberals vote against their own budget? Surely can't happen unless they leave the party first.
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