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Shopping malls - Erbil

hehe yeah too much development , its said S.kurdistan comes after Dubai for its fast development in the region .

Shopping malls

1.Majdi Mall (3 levels)

Family Mall

Ice skating

5D cinema

Game zone

all from FO

Mega Mall

Facebook - Erbil city fans

Nishtiman mall,%20thanks%20*

Sofy Mall

Mane Mall u/c

Erbil | Tablo Mall | COMPLETED

OK Mall u/c

The first fully Western Style, multi-level Shopping Mall, the OK is designed around an internal full-height 50 metre long Atrium rising from the Mall’s entrance, through the first and second floors, and right up to the glass roof.

Walkways around the Atrium are reached by 20 metre travelators rising the four metres between floors. Shops at every level have their shopfronts to the walkways. The Atrium, walkways and the shops are fully air-conditioned and the HHP bring 24 hour electricity to the Mall.

design & features

Cafes, seating areas, indoor landscaping and fun features are sited all around the Mall. The second floor is an entertainment area and food court with a number of restaurants, fast food outlets and cafes, with a view to the Park and Gulan Road.

The underground car parking is approached via a ramp from the front elevation and trafic is controlled by electronic barriers and pay consoles.

Three air changes per hour and the washing of air flow ensures that in Summer internal mean temperatures will be kept at between 25c - 28c throughout the Mall and Shops. Toilets are placed on each floor. Landscaped balconies to the Atrium, music and shop advertising announcements and a supurb level of finishing to public and movement areas ensure that the OK Mall is a destination to visit - not simply a place to buy.

Rhein Mall

Anykawa mall u/c

Taban Mall u/c

Naza mall

Arnina Mall


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