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Originally Posted by McSky View Post
Steinway is also out of place. It should be moved to the north, into the center of the block. They have the tower where the glass atrium will be built.

The small retail extension of 432 Park is out of place. It should be on the corner of Park and 56th.
Steinway isn't out of place at all. It isn't going to be in the center of the bock.

As far as 432 Park goes, your problem is with the render, not location. But in case it isn't obvious from 520, those drawings aren't meant to be 100%.

But I agree with Crawford. A height of 1,397 ft would be great for that tower. It was exciting enough when it jumped up to a potential 900 footer, and has only gone up since then. But will Barnett feel any heat from it? Don't know.
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