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Great list, I have my own version going at UrbanToronto:
The one I have going is structured differently in that I only list buildings greater than 400 feet (or 40 floors and up when the height is unknown) and I don't exclude what's been built beyond the recent past.

Anyway I have a few points about your list:
- All the new phases of CityPlace starting with N confuse me, but I suspect you might have too many on your list. I thought there was only one lowrise and one 40-ish story tower from that phase
- 590 Jarvis was rejected by the city. I took it off my list unless they resubmit or appeal
- I think Context abandoned plans for Tip Top II due to too much community opposition
- If you wanted to extent out to the rest of the GTA there are a few 400 footers and one 500 footer proposed out in Mississauga

Anyway, hope we can help each other in our respective lists. Good luck on yours.

EDIT: Also depending how low you wanna go, this website:
is fantastic at keeping an up to date list on all current projects. It's frequently updated and contains many listings not on this thread.
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