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Originally Posted by WarrenC12 View Post
When you log on to Amtrak's site to book a Van-Sea trip, the bus shows up as both a faster and a cheaper option. That's just sad.

$40-$43 and 4h25m from Vancouver.

Now if I plug in Bellingham for the average Friday night, it's only 2h30m and $25. I can see why it fills up. Bus didn't even come up as an option (maybe it's sold out).
Amtrak has 4 buses leave Vancouver that are direct to Seattle. There is a 5th bus that leaves from Bellingham and meets up with a train in Seattle for Portland. One of the reasons the bus is faster is that it is direct, the train stops in 5 places before getting to Seattle. I've never taken the bus though, so who knows if it ever gets stuck in Seattle Traffic (I bet it's not always on time).
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