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Originally Posted by prokowave View Post
It seems to me that the owners only bought it to build a hotel. I think if they had their way, they'd knock the whole thing down. The best outcome would be for a coalition of agencies, DDD, NOBC, etc. to get together and buy and restore it as was done with the Saenger.
DDD wants something done and is not willing to wait. They would prefer the building torn down and be a vacant lot if it can be done quicker. Erroneously they believe that this is the biggest problem on Canal Street. Granted it is a problem, the absolute lack of maintenance or upkeep of any kind by the current and former owner is not the building's fault. Fine and penalize the owners for failing to maintain it and letting it sit there unused and blighted. Similarly the legions of ne'er-do-wells are drawn to the multiple bus stops there and across the street, not the building itself. They will still be there whether there is a empty lot, a blighted building or a cheap hotel.
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