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^Very true. However , it's worth noting that many people who immigrate to Manitoba do so because of what we're talking about here. They would probably stay if they had a larger community of their own ex-pats already here. Eventually there must be a critical mass that makes it more attractive for them to remain here than to go elsewhere. As evidence I cite the numbers for the Philippino community and submit that given enough time said ex-pat communities would be large enough to keep the respective immigrants here. For example I imagine that the Chinese and Indian communities are probably nearing the critical mass threshold that I'm referring to. If my theory is correct we'll see the numbers for those from those groups stabilize and eventually be in the positive column. Just a theory of course.


That's a shame really. We need plenty of people here no matter what they have in terms of qualifications. As long as we're not getting criminals I think we should be taking pretty much any able bodied person who applies (assuming we need them in the workforce. In recessionary times I would expect an exception to that rule)
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