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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
In Schaumburg news:

Schaumburg mulling big parking garage for convention center area
Schaumburg officials are proposing a six-story, 1,100-space parking garage to serve the Schaumburg Convention Center and Renaissance Hotel as well as new businesses that could join a planned entertainment district nearby. The garage would include ground-floor retail and cost between $30 million and $33 million. [Daily Herald]

Let’s take a SSP field trip there!
Not to give Schaumburg too much credit, but in theory a centralized parking garage could allow that area to be redeveloped in a more walkable fashion, more like downtown Naperville than the suburban hellscape we're used to seeing in Schaumburg.

The Motorola campus across Meacham is getting redeveloped too, the developers there are at least paying lip service to walkability and urban design but the buildings unveiled so far are more of the same suburban junk. Maybe more like suburban Dallas than what we've seen so far in suburban Chicago, but still junk.
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