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Originally Posted by marothisu View Post
Yeah, probably. But in all honesty, the reason they are build is because, probably, there's demand for all that crap. I wonder though economically how it works out if they were to just build up all the way and have all the stuff on the rooftop. What the apartments offer in Chicago is rather amazing in my opinion, though a lot of it doesn't necessarily need a podium. Podiums are just kind of weird.
The massing is good for developers whether there is parking or not. Setbacks to the sides and rear allow for four finished sides and more light/air to every apartment. The podium roof allows for outdoor amenities, at a relatively low floor where they're not so wind-swept.

Even if parking were banned in Chicago, developers would still try to build podiums and just fill them with small office users or retailers, or more likely townhouses.
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