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What can be done?

Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
Some day we will look back at podiums with our misty and moist eyes and say........


What must be done? It has officially gone too far and we all know that one day we will feel intense regret for not stopping it.

Once electric cars, that all are connected to the grid, move in sync with one another this is going to seem like an epic fuck up. Perhaps, when that time comes, we can repurpose podiums into something unique. Public Art, event spaces with a different perspective then your rooftop or warehouse. Instead, they can be large units that are higher than street level, but offer an urban perspective.... I dunno. Sometimes I fantasize about this when I look at the parking garage at the back of 900 N. Michigan. Tesla and Aritzia are at the bottom, but this location should have so much more than dirty car storage and two very inorganic retail experiences. I say inorganic, because retail at the bottom of a parking garage isn't quite as classy as all the high end designer boutiques down the street flaunting gorgeous storefronts and drawing on the architectural direction of the original structure. This is an iconic location (Delaware, Wabash and Rush) and we killed it with a massive parking structure.... And..... we are doing this across the city. It's tragic. Until we take action.

Who wants to start a podium and parking garage repurposing company with me? DM Me

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