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Originally Posted by marothisu View Post
He's a multi-billionaire with actual liquidity, unlike numerous other Billionaires. He has many other holdings besides that. Also it was the top 4 floors of No. 9 Walton, not 3 floors, and it was raw unbuilt space. He also has purchased $250M in land in Palm Beach, FL since 2012 because he was going to build the largest mansion in the US on it (which he's recently scrapped) and has 2 big condos in Miami Beach, as well as homes in Aspen and Hawaii (Big Island). He also owns another few penthouses in Chicago such as the top 2 floors of Park Tower, the 37th floor of Waldorf Astoria residences. In Chicago alone, he's spent nearly $95M on residential real estate for himself/his family.

Citadel has had an office in London for a long time, like most major financial firms (and smaller ones who know how to make money). They are also in Hong Kong, Dublin, Shanghai, and Toronto, as well as other major US markets like Houston, SF, Boston, Dallas, etc. They also used to be in Tokyo, although that office closed a long time ago. He's just merely a guy with a lot of actual cash who likes to buy places around the world. He probably owns a place in Hong Kong too secretly and who knows where else. If you follow how he spends his money, you'll understand that he likes to make big purchases - he also purchased 2 paintings from David Geffen a few years ago for $500M.
He's also not afraid to hang with the masses. His kid plays soccer in the same league as my kid. I see him relatively frequently.
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