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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
These parcels are all CMX-3 which allows significantly higher density and use than what's currently there. Besides, if any developer wanted to build something bigger than CMX3 here, petitioning for a zoning variance to the councilman to upzone the property to 4 or 5 would probably take little more than a 37 second phone call (didn't that happen to Blatstein's parcel?).

These are thriving businesses that are making a lot of money for themselves and the property owners. I love the optimism but I just don't see these things going anywhere for a loooong time.

In the meantime, though, maybe Kenny Gamble can stop squatting on his lot at Broad and Christian already (what a joke).
Leases run long. Maybe some of that is happening behind the scenes. CMX-3 is not enough, though. I don't think. They need to be rezoned or the property owner needs to know a variance is coming as part of an offer they can't refuse. But, personally, I think one reason it's not happening is because we're not quite ready yet. Lincoln Square and the Washington Avenue developments need to solidify, and Blatstein's if he can ever get it off the ground. A few more sizable lots in Rittenhouse and Graduate Hospital need to develop, housing in Center City needs to get a little more expensive. These things will happe.
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