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Salt Lake's Ultra-Luxe City of Holladay Takes On Major New Project.

Cost estimates range anywhere from 500 million to 1 billion. Whatever the cost, the scope and effect of this project will have a major impact on this Salt Lake Valley community and indeed the Metro as a whole.

Mount Olympus and Holladay as seen from the West. Holladay lies behind Downtown and beneath peaks pictured in center of photo

Steve Greenwood Stock Photography

Pioneer farms have given way to city streets, but Holladay's picture-perfect views of Mount Olympus have remained the same

Downtown Salt Lake City is surronded to the North, East, and South by beautiful neighborhoods, and this area of Holladay is no exception. It is a district of sprawling estates with accompanying residential palaces, cliff-side mansions perched high overlooking the entire valley and the Great Salt Lake, ultra luxe condo's and hundred's of freshly updated luxury homes, heavily forrested river-bottoms, and breathtaking views of Mount Olympus and it's sister peaks. It is located only minutes from Downtown Salt Lake, and at the same time only minutes from several of the area's most famous ski resorts. Holladay is also the site of one of America's first indoor malls. The old Cottonwood Mall had served the Salt Lake community admirably over the last four decades, but recently had fallen behind the times in it's competitive edge. The residence of this enviable community demanded something more worthy of their luxurious lifestyle. Enter one of Salt Lake Valley's newest and one of America's most watched, 'developing, upscale lifestyle centers.'

Demolition proceeds in ernest in preparation for the building of the new 'Cottonwood Village.'

Cottonwood Village

All above Pics, courtesy of the City of Holladay


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