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Originally Posted by JohnIII View Post
Everyone is speculating so what the heck, I'll do it for fun to!

Liberty Property Trust purchased land between 19th and 20th on Arch so I assume they did it to make money and they probably expect a company to grab it at some point and build on it, its what they do. But then as I sit back and drink my Earl Grey I'm thinking, the Philadelphia Business Journal had an article a while back saying that Hickok Cole which is an architect firm out of Washington DC wanted to design an office tower out of wood. So now the conclusion I come to is this; Liberty expects an office or residential tower or both there and the Philadelphia Business Journal is a good newspaper and reputable so if they report an architect wanting to build Comcast II tower and they interview the project architect; then something is planned for that sight; its probably related to Comcast in some way.

Why have a project architect if there's no project planned? Why have the project architect talk about a site of a property in a reputable business journal if its just a rumour?

I don't know; I don't think Comcast 3 is a rumour. I think something is planned for the sight, they may be just lining things up, but time will tell
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