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Originally Posted by woodrow View Post
^ I think it was posted that Taco Bell is moving to Belmont & Sheffield, which, ugh. That is going to be a HUGE shit show late at night.

Meanwhile, the Park at Wrigley is all kinds of Christmas magic. Ice skating rink, lights, Snowflakes, mini Christkindlmarket, HUGE Christmas tree.
You're absolutely right, I brain farted when I typed my reply last night. It'll be located right next to Big City (Shitty) Tap. That alone guarantees that it'll be just as a drunk fest as the current location on Addison.

Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
yes. el burrito is ~8 billion times better than taco hell.

people who lament the loss of a taco bell are idiots.
One's palate inexorably becomes more refined as they grow older and wiser. But every now and then one may feel the need to deviate from a fancy craft brew or fine wine and order a Hamm's or an Old Style

Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
it's still just a stupid, ugly, stand-alone, suburban style taco bell in parking lot. our city will be far FAR better off removing that ugly-ass wart.
I doubt anyone here will miss the building itself, which is an ugly suburban diarrhea stain on the streetscape. I think its more so the idea of getting Taco Bell immediately after mass adjourns in the nearby sporting house of worship.

But, given the density and aesthetic improvement to the neighborhood, I am all for the TB to go.
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