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The worst thing about the gallery has nothing to do with the tenants- its really the fact that the facade facing Market is mostly a blank wall. It is truly hard to understand what they were thinking in the 70s when they designed the exterior of the building. Its like having a 3 story warehouse structure sitting in the middle of downtown. I am definitely curious about how much public money PREIT is going to ask for.
I didn't say anything about tenants, though it can't be denied that the type of stores is part of it...The whole stretch of market where this and the Gallery reside look like junk. The blank wall is a big piece of that. Agreed that it will be interesting to see what PREIT asks for as far as public funding. Some of PREIT's activist investors are pressuring PREIT to dump some of its less profitable properties (including several shopping centers in the PA and NJ suburbs surrounding Philly). If it does, perhaps we will see some of that cash infused here and a project that really shines.