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Great News Sathya... Unbelievable ......

[QUOTE=Sathyalal;2727237]Raj, Your M2 building photo reminds me the following

Yes, many are wondering why there are no hypes or advertisements for built up space in Technopark, Trivandrum. The answer to the question can be guessed from the following information table. It is sellers market.
Many of our media friends are not even aware of the private buildings like Padmanabham,Mrithupanya and M2 in TP.
Whatever the built space announced is booked before the start of construction.Gov should see this fact and compare this with players(not in Trivandrum) taking many years to sell smaller buildings or finally convert the IT space to some other purpose even after lot of adv and media coverage.

The biggest IT Park in the country has changed the investment image of the state and is the most sought after place.

Hope the Government will act soon.There will be an IT revolution in the state.

Raheja ,Leela Scottish Lace, Ascendas, Embassy ,Emaar and Chesterton are planning big and just waiting for the land
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