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The Raptors have had stinkers in the playoffs before and come back. It's puzzling how they can be so night and day but they will attempt to go up 3-2 against the Bucks @ 7pm EST.

As this is a basketball in Canada thread I'll post a discussion about the NBA in Montreal. It's from 2015 but what was true then is still true today. NBA in Montreal and back in Vancouver is a realistic goal over the next 10 years. Canadian cities are further along in securing NBA vs MLB franchises due the existence of suitable arenas and the economics of pairing NHL and NBA together.

I think we'll see 3 Canadian NBA teams before we see 3 Canadian MLB teams.

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World's First Documented Baseball Game: Beachville, Ontario, June 4th, 1838.
World's First Documented Gridiron Game: University College, Toronto, November 9th, 1861.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats since 1869 & Toronto Argonauts since 1873: North America's 2 oldest pro football teams
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