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Originally Posted by logan5 View Post
I don't think Juolevi is going to make the team, and we don't have a Johansson. The rookies that have shot at making it are Pettersson, Hughes (if he signs), Demko, and Gaudette. Pettersson and Hughes are potential elite while Gaudette could turn out to be a great 2nd or 3rd line centre. The pieces are slowly coming together through each draft year, and while Benning's free agency signings are not super great, he's not hurting the future of the team. Lose for Hughes - 2019.
Meant Pettersson. And Benning has hurt the future of the team by not extracting the most value for expiring contracts in past seasons through trades and also signing terrible long-term contracts for marginal players which may hurt the team in a few years time - as young players finish their entry level contracts 1) the team may have less cap space to sign them to new deals and 2) be able to sign good free agents or trade for larger contracts of good players to fill in missing pieces on the team missing through draft and development ie) defense.

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