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Apt comparison. It truly is shocking that he's held onto the job for so long. It's one thing to be terrible at your job, but to be so arrogant and act like you're doing it better than anyone is what kills me about it. He even laid blame on the players for the terrible season, but didn't mention himself.

I have no clue what the Molson family is doing.

At my work, for the past six years I've had to deal with a property manager who can't fulfill the simplest request without having me send him a total of seven letters/emails/faxes/voicemails for each thing. And half the time I end up emailing or calling the owner of the property to get the ball rolling. And he asks me why am I contacting him? Exactly. Yet the same PM is still managing his properties after all these years. Must know some deep down secrets and holding them as leverage.

And my coworker and his friend owned 13 rental properties. They were using a PM firm that is basically one guy and two support staff. He repeatedly screwed up every invoice, billed low or high, forgot to transfer the rents, etc. Couldn't type an email or text without multiple spelling mistakes. Would have third party repair guys come in to fix appliances despite them being under warranty and trying to charge the owners when it obviously should be a free fix from a company approved repair guy.

The guy I know and his friend had this PM on a rolodex of approved PMs at their real estate brokerage. So he was also the PM for other brokers who owned properties and could potentially be the PM for more.

They warned him a few times to shape up or get the boot. They finally got rid of him and blacklisted him at the brokerage. And if you ever looked up his firm on yellowpages or google you'd see confirmation of his ineptitude. I'm taking several dozens of negative reviews of total incompetence and even illegal scamming. Not sure why this brokerage held onto him for so long.

This is basically Bergevin.
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