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The Arden-Arcade city map would include the auto dealerships along Fulton and Auburn, the Watt Avenue retail corridor and at least three shopping mall/shopping center districts. Not much open space in any of it, although I can see how one could easily take a spot formerly occupied by strip malls and build mid-rise or even high-rise structures. The problem would be, how would they draw the kind of businesses that would require such buildings? (Answer: Tax breaks and sweetening incentives, which an independent Arden/Arcade probably couldn't afford anyhow.)

Transportation would be a real problem: the only highway access is via BR-80, already impacted, and the other corridors are already busy surface avenues. I'd wager that at least some of the cityhood drive is people who don't want increased public transit in the neighborhood, like the planned BRT corridor along Watt Avenue, because of the old "Increased Public Transit = More Minorities" stereotype. I'm sure that some of the folks supporting this are the people with half-acre or larger lots in the area who want to oppose placement of denser development (like quarter-acre single family homes) adjacent to their own lots.

Of course, if the cityhood campaign does succeed, fiscal realities will catch up with them, and they'll follow up with whatever brings them the most sales tax/land use tax revenue in order to pay for city operations. The only "win" for the new city will be the ability to claim empty pockets for things they don't want and afraid they might have to deal with if they were annexed.
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