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-Joe, I don't remember reading about that office building, but that's more than likely what is going in there. That's good news. It'll improve the 900 block of Orange and Shipley greatly. Hey, maybe someone will buy the vacant Brandywine Brewing Co. restaurant. I don't see why they'd need a parking structure there since the mid-town garage is underused and half a block down.

Speaking of that garage, I really wish the City would tear that down and start over. That relic is an unattractive eyesore on an already run down looking (really a glorified alley) Shipley Street. That area would benefit greatly from a new and well designed garage. I know the City has no money for this, but they should consider selling that garage, allow a developer to build, and they should just charge land rent or a percentage of parking revenue. They can't be making that much off of that garage. Also, whenever WILMAPCO recommends approval of the Shipley Street beautification, the garage will stand out that much more.

Couldn't agree with you more about the Eastside. I still think West Center City is tougher, though.

-Thanks FF. I hope 2CC jumps off sooner, but I don't think anything will happen until at least 2006.

One thing I didn't include on here is a concept tower adjacent to 1105 Market Street (the Pei building). The bank I work for financed the repositioning of this building, and the purchaser, Keystone Property Group, showed an 18 story glass tower as a future development option. This is at least 5 or 10 years out, and although it is just a concept, the building didn't look very good. Just thought I'd share that.

1105 Market

The building has since been recoated and is more white now. Also the lobby and entire interior have been completely overhauled. The building, before purchase, had an occupancy rate of around 20%, but now is at around 65% (including the space that is still being renovated).

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