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Ok, so this nonsense gets even more absurdly insane.

I checked out our home's value on 5 other estimator sites, in addition to zillow and redfin. Here's the full list:


Eppraisals was the highest and Remax was the lowest, with a total dollar spread of $213,000 between the two estimates!

Again, W? T? F?

How can some of these algorithms be SO way off the mark? Our place just sold 18 months ago, and Chicago's real estate market is not dynamic enough to see radical property value swings positive or negative over such a short time period.

The redfin estimate was the median value, and seems plausible from what I know of the local market, I guess I'll go with that one. The crazy high zillow zesstimate didn't really pass the sniff test anyway. There's no effing way our home has appreciated $130K in a year and a half. maybe shit like that happens in california, but this is the midwest we're talking about.
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