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Originally Posted by MonkeyRonin View Post
Trolling aside, having attitudes that are intolerant (but not excessively hateful - eg. like anywhere in the Middle East) of gays are exactly the sort of conditions that foster the existence of gay villages.

Not that they wouldn't exist otherwise - after all, there will always be a need for a community focal point like any other, and as with other groups or other types of business, they tend to congregate together - but most gay villages were a whole lot stronger back in the days that they provided the only place where gay businesses could freely operate and the people to live openly.
That's a good point.

So what you're saying is in order for cities to have gay villages, the timing has to have been right, and cities like Calgary have simply skipped ahead to a non-segregated form of integration.

I wonder if gays in such cities sometimes long for that segregation i.e. sometimes wish they could be exclusively among gays? (I mean wish they had that option)

From what I can tell, in Montreal the village is for ''noob'' gays and out-of-towners. Then once you're settled in you move elsewhere.
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