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Originally Posted by HomeInMyShoes View Post
Thanks for the comments everyone.

No, I'm just some crazy guy with a camera.

The red tiles? There was a walking tour of Mar del Plata described in my guidebook that I wandered the one day. Somewhere between the beach and the church is where I found the tiles.

I am critical of the photos and the camera because photography is a progression with me and where I am now is not where I was and I hated the limitations of my old camera. This is going to translate poorly. My way of describing things or my vocabulary has changed a lot. Here is where I am now.

I'll see if I can dig up a few more photos of other places. I've got a few Buenos Aires and Ushuaiia(spelling?) photos as well as some Fitz Roy and Iguazu Falls photos floating around. It's a spectacular country (too big to really see in the month I had there) and I'd visit it again if I could.
Great, Home!!!! I'm a crazy girl with a camera... Ok, erase the "with a camera" part...
I like where you are now very much, Home!!! Great work!!! Love those colours!!!!
We'd love to see more pics, you're invited to posts them here!!! Or in a special thread, as you wish...

Ushuaia, is the correct spelling

(you didn't answer my other questions... )

Aledys.... (I'm too friendly , that's all... )

Totu (mete púa)... don't make fun of my English!!!
"Finding beauty in the unexpected"
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