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Palm Trees of Canada

Yes, there are palm trees in Canada, but of course they are along the west coast of BC, mostly along the east side of Vancouver Island (Victoria and Nanaimo) the Vancouver area and the sunshine coast north of Vancouver. They are primarily the windmill palm, but there are also Cordylines and two species of banana. I believe in the mildest areas there are a few other varieties that are able to survive as well, but they require more attention than the ones listed above.

I also recently learned of a local Vancouverite who is selling palms locally (and who also plans on donating some to the city in the future for other parks). Here is the website if interested:

Anyways, here is the tour!

We will start in Victoria, which actually by far has the most palms but i only have a few pics of:

This one was taken in early March, Victoria's climate is actually classified as sub Mediterranean due to its ild winters and dry summers.


These pics were taken in April

Now to Vancouver, which I have many many more pics of!

Here are a bunch at an older apartment complex in the Kits area.

These are the palms that most people see when they come to Vancouver, for they are in English Bay, a popular tourist trap. In fact as i was taking these pictures (these ones are from yesterday) I overheard an American couple from Martha's Vineyard exclaiming that there are palm trees in Canada!

Looks like a jungle! (This one is my favorite of the day)

Have to love Vancouver!

These next ones are outside of an apartment building near English Bay

This one looks like a scene right out of southern Europe to me

The famous Blenz Palm Tree

The High School across the street

And now on Robson Street

Now here are a few from my neck of the woods, Maple Ridge, a burb of Van

These ones are from Sechelt, a small town on the Snshine Coast, north of Vancouver.

And last but not least, here is a pic of the Arbutus tree, which is native to the south Coast of BC. It is a beautiful tree and is evergreen. It is by far Canada's most exotic native tree.

Al pics are my own!

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