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Originally Posted by destroycreate View Post
I really dislike the idea of palm trees in Canada. It just seems so unnatural and doesn't go with the landscape/architecture in any way.
I don't get this complaint. For the most part, the types of palms occurring in these photos are naturally found in colder climates. Just because some people associate palms with tropical climates doesn't take away the simple fact that this plant species has adapted over the course of time to be sustainable in less than tropical environments. And yet on the west coast of Canada, where the climate actually is quite mild, it's wrong for them to be grown there? Granted the palms aren't original to the area, but I'd be surprised if there are many locations anywhere in the world that *only* have growing plants that are original to their area. I think their use in the landscaping seen in some of these photos is quite nice.

(The banana palms seem a little more odd, but if people are willing to put in the work to have them there, I say more power to them... I'm all for increasing greenery within cities.)
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