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Super Tuesday is knocking at the back door

Ron Paul thinks he has a chance of winning Idaho....unless all of the Mormon's in the caucus choose Romney. I am interested to know how many people in the caucus are LDS and if they choose Romney just for the fact he is LDS too. (white horse prophecy)

Tuesday is super in Idaho: all about the caucuses

12:00am on Mar 5, 2012

Idaho is holding its first-ever presidential caucus — and the vote is early enough in the year to matter.

Idaho’s 32 delegates will be decided in Republican caucuses in all 44 counties Tuesday night.

The nine states voting with Idaho Tuesday are Georgia (which has 76 delegates), Ohio (66), Tennessee (58), Virginia (49), Oklahoma (43) and Massachusetts (41), North Dakota (28), Alaska (27) and Vermont (17).
Caucus logistics: Caucuses begin
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