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Originally Posted by prokowave View Post
Im going to try and get on that board ( DDD) .. place needs serious help ! Yes the state palace is an eyesore but everything will be until you get rid of the bus stops ... solving issues on canal is easy if people realize the actual problems.. downtown has two issues : homelessness ( which at least is corralled under the interstate) and 2 the mass transit stops that force people to congregate all day in front of many commercial establishments.... id argue a centealized transit center would alter downtown more than anything else ... no one will lease spaces by people who loiter all day for a bus or streetcar...simply wont happen
It would be great to have someone with development experience who cares about the fabric of the CBD to be on the board. Do it!

Regarding transit, an easier alternative would be to extend some lines past Canal St. For example, extend the St. Claude/Rampart bus to Poydras or the train station. A lot of the Westbank routes stop at Canal. I'm sure a lot of those people are working in the quarter, so extending them a few blocks down Rampart or Basin would mean that not everyone would have to walk to Canal to board. It would also eliminate some transfers, which is good for commuters and would decongest the area. It would be a cheap solution that would please everyone, but NORTA wants to beef up the streetcar numbers as much as possible.[/QUOTE]

Thats a solution for Canal but i want to solve the the issue overall. It just pushes the problem onto someone else ... a centralized transit center is a must .. better for everyone especially the riders
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