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Originally Posted by James Bond Agent 007 View Post
What's the status of this? Haven't heard anything about it in a while. Unless some of the other projects here are part of it.
I Haven't heard much about it either. Teachers village is in full swing and has been in terms of new construction, but the taller, near super tall component I'm in the dark about. I doubt the FAA would allow it. I can see 600, maybe 750 ft at most, but I doubt anything over 900 ft.

Granted, could Newark in theory support it, of course. Demand is there in JC, and I think as prices rise, we will see the migration of new residents and units (along with office space; class A for tenants seeking cheaper sq-ft/$. That's a lot for the city to absorb and I think it's risky at the moment especially with so much competition over in Jersey City. Newark will have its time to go tall, but not at the moment I feel.
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