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NYC Subway extension won't open this year.

For those of you who were moaning and groaning about how long the Evergreen Extension took to build, be thankful you're not a New Yorker living on the Upper East Side.

For over 90 years there has been a dream of a Second Avenue subway line to run parallel with the Lexington line on the east side of Manhattan. Through depressions, wars, demolition of the elevated lines, and bankruptcies, this kept getting 'deferred' because it was always unaffordable. Bonds were let to built it in the 50's, but that money was used instead for upkeep of the rest of the subway system. Construction was actually started in the 70's, only the be halted again during the NYC bankruptcy crisis.

Finally, after 10 years and about $4 1/2 Billion, this Sunday the first three new stations (and one renovated station) of the Second Avenue Subway from 63 St to 96 St will be open to the public.

But only between 6am and 10pm because the stations are still unfinished.

The next three phases extending the Second Avenue subway line north to Harlem and south to Wall St are on the wish-list, but without funding.

Future extensions of this line to Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn?


A local resident started this construction blog in 2007 :

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