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Originally Posted by dpogue View Post
So, many of you know I'm very interested in the technical aspects of SkyTrain, stemming mostly from my background as a computer programmer to understand how things work and why things break the way they do. There is one piece of Evergreen knowledge that I'm still trying to get, and in theory it's not difficult to obtain:

Halfway through the tunnel, there's some sort of eletrical box near the ceiling on both the inbound and the outbound. There is a yellow sticker on the box with a red lightning bolt and 5 letters. The boxes seem to be installed backwards, so you can only see the sticker out of the back window of the train. It's extremely hard to read while the train is moving at full speed and everything is tinted red by the rear exterior train lights.
If anyone happens to see what those 5 letters are (on either box), that would complete the missing piece in my puzzle
Video with some details of the line from one of the guys working on the project during the testing trials:

Isn't it the same yellow/red stickers along the track like ESO... next to the line at various intervals?

He also mentions in the video there are empty brackets on the wall in the tunnel for Rogers to install cellular phone service in the tunnels. Not sure if this was already installed.

EDIT: Just noticed from snaveed's photos that the code seems to change on the different boxes.