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Originally Posted by jlousa View Post
Nothing is going to happen. Remember people predicting Obama winning would see a civil war break out again. How did that turn out? Some complaining and life went on, same thing this time around regardless of who wins. Some will say they'll leave the country, few will and life will go on pretty much the same.
I think this election is different. This is the first election since marriage rights were equalized at the federal level, along with many federal protections for LGBTQ employees. If Trump gets elected, all of that progress (and then some) will be erased. I could see a scenario where hundreds of thousands of gay people (out of the 10 million or so in the country) leave the country. I know I would be sick of living in some fuckhole where the politicians can literally decide if you're a first or second class citizen. Lots of my American friends keep jokingly asking "So do you have a spare room?", but I think that could become reality if civil rights are actually stripped.
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