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The 20 Most Hipster Cities in the World

1. Brooklyn, NY, US
2. Berlin, Germany
3. Riga, Latvia
4. Stockholm, Sweden
5. Montreal, Canada

Hipsters flock to Berlin. While the entire city is a mecca for Gen Xers, there’s one particular neighborhood that is the reigning kingdom of Hipsterdom: Kreuzberg.

What was once a very disadvantaged and poor area is now alive and hip once more, with street art, gourmet coffee houses and trendy bars, all catering to the young and hip. For many, this is an interesting transformation.

You see, Kreuzberg was once a divided city, with the Berlin Wall splitting it down the middle. Because of this, it was one of the poorest cities in all of Berlin. But ever since the Wall came down, it’s become the epicenter of everything awesome about Berlin.
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