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Exclusive Reveal: The Empire State Building’s 102nd-Floor Observation Deck Set For Exterior Overhaul

The Empire State Building, has been an icon of the Manhattan skyline since 1931, and the 82nd and 102nd floors of the Art Deco giant have been a primary destination for tourists since it was first built. In 1929, the structure on the 102nd floor was originally planned to be a mooring point for dirigibles. The deck would have featured a space for passenger traffic on the floor, however, when zeppelins fell out of favor, the observation deck took its stead. Now, YIMBY has the first look at plans by Beyer Blinder Belle to revamp the original exterior’s claustrophobic configuration with new floor-to-ceiling windows that would do due justice to the sweeping views from within.

Currently, the steel window frames and their surrounding cladding are largely original to the construction of the building in 1931. At some point, the original glass was replaced with 1/4″ polycarbonate panels with electromagnetic shielding.

The 102nd-story observation deck features 4’8″ windows around; while offering an unforgettable view of Manhattan, they arguably leave something to be desired.

Plans designed and proposed by Beyer Blinder Belle offer a solution. The plans would remove the existing windows and lower structure, and replace them with 8’6″ floor-to-ceiling windows. Offering a completely unobstructed view, this structural modification would no doubt keep visitors smiling for decades to come.
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