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I have no idea why, but Winnipeg is under going a tonne of reclads at the moment. I can think of at least half a dozen on hand, all of which right downtown. Broadway has had at least one building being reclad at a time in the last 5-6 years. Also most of our apartment complexes are undergoing major overhauls. And when I say most, I mean most. Rent control has owners renovating so they can up the rent come contract renewal. Literally every agency in the city is going for overhauls, interior and exterior. So the cities list of oldies are starting to look new. Here is another:

It may not look it, but the new facade is far and away better than the old. In terms of 160 Smith, and this as well, it isn't necessarily the reclad that has me excited, but the renewal of the Podiums. Both have been made much more pedestrian friendly, in terms of aesthetics, access, etc.

There are 2 or 3 more on Broadway alone (not including residential) that are currently being reclad.

I will also have to get pictures for you guys of our biggest reclad yet. 180 million I believe, for Winnipeg's finest. Our boys in blue (or black, or what ever colour they wear) are moving into our old postal office building. It is going from original to complete glass facade. Looks great compared to the original. Although I personally think less headaches would have occurred had they built from scratch.

to a picture that I will provide tomorrow.
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