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Originally Posted by 25grapes View Post
It's incredible how night and day the Argos are with the current management/ coaching staff of Popp and Testman compared to the previous Barker and Milanovich. And I would have said that prior to the playoffs.
I don't think that's fair and I don't think B and M had anywhere near the support and resources of management that P and T have. And I saw some criticism of Popp and surprise about what he had accomplished. He did great things in Montreal but after so many years you get burned out or not as focused. See what change used to do for Wally and now he's had enough and hopefully will ride into the sunset to a well earned retirement. Edit: I guess not, must be sticking around to keep an eye on Hervey.

Now Hervey is a total POS. Going rogue in Edmonton re TSN and his own bosses, hate on for Canadian players while earning money in a Canadian league, unless that time out has taught him a lesson, it won't be good for the Lions. Maybe it's good that Big Dave still owns the club if that's who their GM is going to be. If he goes rogue on Braley he'll be on the next bus back to Compton.
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