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I don't why you would act as an English man going completely mad to advertise their places so hard like it's been laughable.

I have something very controversial and much less sexy to say here...

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Euronews is based in Lyon. It's the only influential Fr news network I know of that is not based in Paris, and Lyon is not exactly the best friend of Paris you could think of... It is intended to be a rival of Paris whenever possible.

But this news network from Lyon is entirely devoted to our European Union. It is the only one of this kind I know of.

So, that problem in Germany (most noticeably in Berlin) has been something scaring the crap out of everyone here. And it's pissing them all off, cause it's betraying our common values.
How can you explain someone working 40 to 50 hours a week would live in poverty?
Fuck, no. That will not be.
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