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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
There are other things you fail to consider but that enter into it. There is a long-standing malaise in Quebec with respect to the Canadian sports system (worse in some sports than others, but often it touches the national team sports) with a perception that there is an ingrained hostility to athletes from Quebec and francophones. Rightly or wrongly (and true or not) this affects interest in and support for these teams here. There may be a few more now but historically there were hardly any members from Quebec (sometimes none) on the national teams in rugby, soccer, and some other sports.
very reminiscent of NHL following in Saskatchewan being lower than every other province in Canada.

Originally posted by JHikka
Montreal has routinely drawn lower than expectations for a number of FIFA events in Canada. Outside of the 2007 U20s where attendance was quite good they were later outdrawn by Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Vancouver (and nearly Ottawa) in the 2014 U20s and 2015 Women's World Cup. It's become pretty obvious that the hierarchy for hosting in Canada, at least in the eyes of CSA, is something like Toronto = Vancouver > Edmonton. If it's a sole friendly event featuring a Canadian National Team Montreal is likely further down the list below a few others.
.with NMS in Regina hosting La Liga's Valencia vs New York Cosmos in a couple weeks Montreal may fall even further down the Canadian list for soccer.

Originally posted by Acajack
..Have I ever mentioned that I think Edmonton is the best sports city in the country?..
I agree,
..with Edmonton being the only city in Canada to have a large enough & suitable track & field stadium plus all the other major events for sports used for World University Games & World Track & Field Championships etc. Edmonton is poised to be number 1 city for being next to host a Summer Olympics in Canada if it bids.

as far as bids for sports, Regina seems to be the epicentre for sports in Canada next year in 2018 with the Brier, Memorial Cup, the Skate Canada International this Fall (in highly sought after Winter Olympic season) ..and..
..Plus a World Ladies LPGA golf tournament next year.

not to be left out, Saskatoon held its annual International Houghton-Boston Tennis Classic this last week. Couple years ago, Denis Shapovalov played in the tournament & while the then 16-year-old didn’t win, he did get his first qualifying point in Saskatchewan, which made his Boy’s Singles Final win last year at Wimbledon special for Riverside Tennis club in S'toon.

Saskatoon also bid for and is hosting Canada's first FIBA 3x3 World Tour stop this next week & showcasing Canada's best 3x3 basketball team from the Paris-of-the-Prairies

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