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Originally Posted by JHikka View Post
The most interesting thing about Montreal's consistent support of these two events is that they're annual international events where there is very limited, if any, Canadian representation in the field. People give Toronto a hard time for not backing Canadian events but Montreal will support international events when they won't come out in similar numbers for Canadian events. I'd almost say that Montreal has more of a fetish for globalized events than Toronto.
Well, the Université de Montréal Carabins sell out their stadium with 5,000 fans most every game, and they play in the all-Quebec CIS-RSEQ. They also get excellent media coverage with games televised live and broadcast on the radio, highlights on all of the francophone national TV sportscasts...

How many fans go to Varsity Blues football games? A few hundred?

On another front, we're in the middle of summer blockbuster season and two of the top 10 movies in Montreal and Quebec are home-grown, including the one that's currently in first place. One is Bon Cop Bad Cop and the other is a movie that no one outside Quebec has ever heard of, nor will they ever hear of it.

But sure, Montreal does like international events a lot. But that's not all they're interested in. Homegrown stuff is still very popular. Even if Rita MacNeil and Team Gushue and the Tragically Hip don't count as "local". Plenty of other stuff does.
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