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Originally Posted by #1Fan View Post
Reading the Investors Group Field thread, it sounded like there were a lot of folks with issues relating to congestion of concourses @ the GNR concert. I've experienced the congestion during Banjo Bowl and don't really know how IGF can solve this issue (other than reducing capacity??).

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised on how decent the "congestion" was @ New Mosaic last night. I don't know the total number of tickets sold for the GNR concert (it had to be 33,000+?), but the only issues in moving around were when you'd hit a merchandise booth where people were lined up straight back (instead of to the side). The General Admission Lounge had tons of space, the concourses and isle had tons of space. It was a great experience all together.
Yeah, we're stuck with too-narrow concourse. To be fair, I always defended this point because even when I've been to busy Bombers' games, I find it busy but not ridiculous. But when you get to the max capacity, it becomes a very dangerous and uncomfortable situation.

I equate it with an abandonment of duties. It really seemed like security and event staff got the heck out of dodge. They *could* have handled it better by having security actually do security.

And to be fair, by my recollection its a temporary scenario. For example, between the opening act and GNR is when everyone was in the concourse so it was horrible. Once GNR began playing, it was a lot better because everyone was in their seats.

This would have been better addressed when building/designing IGF. I love the stadium but it was simply not meant to move 33,000 people comfortably.
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