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Originally Posted by Drofmab View Post
So, were the concessions not open? I continually see people complain online about the lineups to get beer at a Rider game... there are like 3taps at every single concession register... so, for a typically sized concession, this is like 10-12taps.

And then people complain about beer being overpriced. Many of these same people opt to buy 12oz cans for precisely the same price at 16oz draft is sold for at every food concession.

(I mean, I'll complain til the end of time about the shitty beer selection... but availability is not an issue)

First game I went to - I'm walking back to my seat with a beer in each hand. Guy comes up to me -
"Where'd you find beer?!?! There's wine stands everywhere, and liquor everywhere... but NO beer!"
[jaw drops]
"There are several draft taps at every. single. concession. in. the. stadium."
I agree. People will line up at the first sign that says BEER and look no further.
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