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Originally Posted by LosAngelesSportsFan View Post
Im as pro development as it comes and i would be out with a pitchfork if anyone wanted to build a skyscraper outside of Long Beach of Santa Monica. Its not necessary and doesnt fit the fabric of California beach cities.
Santa Monica??????

Wasn't an iconic Gehry-designed 21 story condo proposed there recently, and what became of that, first high rise in Santa Monica since 1970?

And if there's been no high rises added since 1970, what masochistic developer would want to propose building even a mid-rise in that city?

Anti-development, anti-density Nimby's can even be found 10-20 miles east of the coastline! Curiously, I rented a car to explore the suburbs of the eastern area of L.A., hoping to find some satellite city, with a true viable downtown, with housing. Didn't find it in downtown Azusa, El Monte or Ontario, or Riverside for that matter. What gives? Ontario Azusa and Ontario has possibilities to become real satellite cities.

I say let's hurry, hurry, hurry and get all those proposed high rises built in downtown L.A. before the Nimby's start growling in DTLA! (Nope! That building is going to block my view!)
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