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Originally Posted by BINARY SYSTEM
I think its kind of sad that after the 2IFC HK will have 4 buildings that just so happen to barely break the 1000 foot mark. Its like the city only wants to make sure its proposals are supertall skyscrapers before having grade A office space, very unlike the US( NYC) which not only basically designs all of their NEW skyscrapers to meet LEED standards, but always go by the best city planning in the world. I'm not saying HK has horrible city planning, however many people including about 90% of people on this site think HK has the best skyline in the world and believe that HK is a world class city like London or NYC just because it has a few tall skyscrapers. I have been to HK and most of the city is very poor and right around the tall skyscrapers that everybody loves (including me) are slums that make the S. Bronx look like 5th Avenue!
Seriously man, what's wrong with you?