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Originally Posted by El Duderino View Post
isn't that even more motivation for temple to contribute? it seems as if a $20m investment would be at least intriguing from their side considering how much more attractive the area would be for potential undergrads/grad students/faculty and staff. my previous note re: drexel was just to point out how they are willing to spend multiple billions to create something similar (mixed use, innovation, transit connections, etc.) to what temple could help enable by contributing a very small fraction of that drexel number.

again, i have absolutely no insight into how funding shakes out for something like this, but from a practical standpoint, i can't see how both sides (developer team and temple) wouldn't at least be willing to have a conversation.

now i'm just waiting for someone to tell me exactly how and why i'm wrong B-)
Dude, Temple had a $20M deficit they had to fill because they gave out too much financial aid this fiscal year. The school president lost his job over it.

Now you want them to find another $20M to fund this project. Where do you see this money coming from?
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