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Originally Posted by PhilliesPhan View Post
I have long been advocating for a Temple University-based innovation corridor along North Broad Street, but I have previously thought of it extending from Girard to Susquehanna. This project could be the catalyst of realizing an innovation corridor between Girard and Erie, which would connect our Main and Health Sciences campuses together.
I 100% think Temple should think about starting a tech/science incubator and innovation corridor similar to the Science Center. They should center it around the Amtrak station here. It would be a boon for the area, and give a shot in the arm to the area between Temple Main and Temple Health Sciences Campus.

The neighborhoods between Center City and Temple Main are improving on their own. Let them continue to build up organically. Focusing on developing an innovation corridor here would be a huge boon.

Originally Posted by Nova08 View Post
What is the business environment in North Philly for 215,00 sq of business/labs/start-up space and "luxury apartments?"

Call me short sighted but I get a little cautious when we start to spread our start-up/research/lab type development so thin across various parts of the city. Get's me a little worried that developments like the Science Center will take longer to get all of the buildings off the ground.

I mean for all intents and purposes we should just call this Septa North Philadelphia station. You can probably count the number of Amtrak trains that stop at North Philly on two hands. It has no where near the importance that North Philadelphia station held with the Pennsylvania Railroad.
I get your cautiousness, but this could be very successful if done right. There is an Amtrak station, a SEPTA Regional Rail station, and a Broad Street subway line stop all converging on this property.

Temple should start thinking about creating a tech and science incubator and innovation corridor similar to the UCity Science Center and take up lab and office space in this development. Why doesn't Temple move their Podiatry school here from Center City as well, and sell the current site to a developer?

I think that could definitely take up a lot of the commercial space.
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