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Originally Posted by PHL10 View Post
I'm not saying that self driven cars won't impact things but without a dedicated ROW, they will get stuck in traffic just like every other mode of trans that relies moving on public streets and expressways....a problem trains don't have.

Even on the Amtrak Regional, I can get from 30th Street Station to Union Station in DC in about 2 hours. Self driving cars won't accomplish that just like manual driven cars don't.
Agreed, until manually driven cars are abolished there will be no big difference. And considering how many Americans love driving it's hard to see that happening anytime soon. The 2030s? That guy is dreaming.

And then even in the distant future when every car is self driving and flying down the highway at 100mph, they still won't be near the speed of the fastest trains.

Super fast mass transit will always have its place. Trains are incredibly important to Philadelphia's future.
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